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Our value chain

Making our operations more sustainable is important, but it is not enough on its own. Our brands rely on a long and complex value chain that joins us with our suppliers, customers, and consumers. We share a responsibility to make every link in that chain stronger.

In the moment it takes to sip one of our drinks, the consumer is making a connection: to the farm, plantation or vineyard where the ingredients for that drink were grown; to the many suppliers of packaging, energy, raw materials, and labour, without whom we could not create our brands; and to the shop or venue where the drink was bought. That whole journey, from the field to the glass and beyond, is our value chain: it is our responsibility to ensure that at every link in that chain, our impacts on people, communities, and the natural world are as beneficial as possible.

Our reputation, and the sustainability of our business model, depend on our ability to recognise and mitigate the potential risks along our value chain. In this section, we report on the work we are doing with three of the most important links in that chain – suppliers, customers, and consumers.

Our supply chain

Our supplier network presents us with a great opportunity: to co‑operate with a diverse group of farmers, businesses, and utilities on the vital undertaking of making our business more sustainable. As a starting point, we set rigorous minimum standards in areas like ethical business, human rights, environmental sustainability, and health and safety.

Customers and consumers

We produce more than 100 brands which are enjoyed in more than 180 countries. This gives us the opportunity to engage a large and extremely diverse group of shoppers and consumers, whose safety, health, and enjoyment are all central to our business. Here you can read about food safety and quality – how we ensure our brands are produced to the highest standard. Elsewhere in this report you can read about some of our brand programmes that engage consumers with sustainability issues.

Our customers are the retailers, hotels, restaurants or other venues that sell our brands, and they are important partners in helping us to encourage responsible drinking and reduce our environmental footprint. Many of our customers also look to Diageo to help them improve their own sustainability performance.