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Who we are

‘Walk into any Diageo distillery, brewery or office, anywhere in the world and the chances are you’ll be met by a diverse group of people who are really good at what they do.’ Our Talent Story

Our total number of employees is 28,410, an increase of 10.6% since 2012. As we grow, we become ever more diverse, and we are proud to report that in this year’s Value Survey, 88% said: ‘In my team people can be themselves, regardless of their ethnic background, gender, or style’.

Our commitment to diversity is articulated in our Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Policy and can be illustrated in a number of ways. For example, 28% of our senior leaders are women, as are a third of our board members. This year Diageo became the first beverage alcohol company to sign up to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, a joint initiative between UN Women and the UN Global Compact.

Our business model encourages the promotion of local leaders, and our general managers represent 12 nationalities. We believe in supporting local communities, and over 60% of our leaders come from the market in which they work. We are also proud that many of our leadership group have benefited from multi-market experience, helping them to gain the cultural understanding necessary to be effective leaders for a global business.

While our employees’ views will always be our most important benchmark, we are pleased that our commitment to diversity is being recognised externally. Diageo North America was awarded a 100% score on the Corporate Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for the fifth year in a row, was named by Working Mother magazine in its top 100 companies, and was placed by the National Association of Female Executives in its top 50. Diageo Business Services in Budapest was honoured with a Special Recognition Award by the Association of Women’s Career Development.

Employee resource groups

We support employee resource groups as part of our diversity strategy. While each is different, these networks enable employees to support each other, and they range from global groups like Spirited Women, our women’s network group now operating in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and Hungary, to African and Asian heritage networks, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender groups.

Many employees also take part in GREENiQ, our company-wide programme designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and drive improved environmental performance across the business.

Managing change

In cases where changes to our business mean that we move out of certain communities, we support affected employees in a number of ways. These include communicating about job reductions with as much notice as possible, and making great efforts to find new roles for those who wish to stay with us, as you can read about in our case study. Earlier this year we announced changes to the structure of our Global Supply and Procurement operation, to align it better with our key markets. As with any change programme, this has represented a period of uncertainty for those in supply and procurement, but we are committed to providing employees with regular updates and appropriate support during the transition, whatever their future employment situation either within or outside Diageo.

In any case like this we always meet, at the very least, the notice periods required in the relevant countries, which vary from two to 12 weeks, and we give full redundancy or severance support in line with local policy. We also offer training, which varies by market, to help those who leave Diageo to find other jobs.

At a glance – a profile of our people in 2013

Average number of employees by region by gender1
Men Women Part-time Fixed-term Total
North America 2,095 1,396 N/A2 N/A2 3,491
Western Europe 5,343 3,106 726 434 8,449
Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey 6,816 2,520 116 162 9,336
Latin America and Caribbean 1,987 1,093 2 48 3,080
Asia Pacific 2,564 1,490 35 142 4,054
Diageo (total) 18,805 9,605 879 786 28,410
  1. Employees have been allocated to the region in which they reside. In Diageo’s 2013 Annual Report, employees are allocated to the region for which they provide the majority of service.
  2. In North America, we do not define employees’ contracts in this way.
Average number of employees by role by gender
Men Women Total
Managers 6,136 2,387 8,523
Supervised workers 12,669 7,218 19,887
Diageo (total) 18,805 9,605 28,410
Performance against target
Target by 2014 2013 performance Cumulative performance
30% of leadership roles held by women 28% N/A On track
New hires by region by gender1
Men Women Total As a % of
North America 257 169 426 12.2
Western Europe 439 396 835 9.9
Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey 780 342 1,1222 12.0
Latin America and Caribbean 542 251 793 25.7
Asia Pacific 292 225 517 12.8
Diageo (total) 2,310 1,383 3,6932 13.0
  1. Excludes employees joining the business as part of an acquisition.
  2. Not all sites in Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey collate age data, hence the discrepancy with the figure in the new hires by region by age table.
New hires by region by age1
30 years
North America 158 225 43 426
Western Europe 399 411 25 835
Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey 556 505 43 1,1042
Latin America and Caribbean 356 409 28 793
Asia Pacific 167 341 9 517
Diageo (total) 1,636 1,891 148 3,6752
  1. Excludes employees joining the business as part of an acquisition.
  2. Not all sites in Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey collate age data, hence the discrepancy with the figure in the new hires by region by gender table.
Employee turnover by region and gender
Men Women Total As a % of
North America 240 179 419 12.0
Western Europe 447 410 857 10.1
Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey 620 206 826 8.9
Latin America and Caribbean 321 189 510 16.6
Asia Pacific 311 191 502 12.4
Diageo (total) 1,939 1,175 3,114 11.0

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