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Health and wellbeing

‘What makes Diageo different is our deliberate choice to focus on people.’ Our Talent Story

Our approach

When our employees come to work we like to welcome the ‘whole person’, which means supporting both their physical and their emotional wellbeing. How we do this varies according to local needs and how our employees access their healthcare. There is, however, one constant: that our employees understand the importance of responsible drinking.

Responsible drinking

Our global Employee Alcohol Policy makes clear to all our people their responsibilities with regard to alcohol, and we promote responsible drinking through our DRINKiQ programme. DRINKiQ has been designed to equip all our employees to act as ambassadors for responsible drinking. It provides them with the knowledge they need to make the right decisions and to encourage others to do the same. Employees may attend workshops or explore the subject as part of their induction. Diageo North America has also created a new online training tool, which was made available to all their employees this year.

Occupational health

We encourage our employees to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our local occupational health teams offer a range of activities to encourage everyone to be more aware and more in control of their wellbeing. These include providing health tips in newsletters such as those shared by our Kenyan team, and, from Diageo Singapore, offering yoga and pilates classes as well as advice on cooking and accessing health checks. In North America, the Striding towards Wellness programme encourages regular health checks and raises awareness of common health issues, and in Northern Ireland, the You are Made of More initiative has promoted strategies for managing both physical and mental health.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, a health surveillance programme protects employees against work-related conditions. It provides assessments for new and expectant mothers, night workers, lone workers, and those working at heights. Since 2009, an annual Walking Challenge has encouraged employees to take 10,000 steps a day to increase their overall fitness and general wellbeing.

Combating HIV/Aids

Since 2003 our operating companies across Africa have adopted HIV and Aids workplace education and prevention initiatives, and provided treatment for employees and their families through the Live Life employee wellness programme. This includes: education and awareness programmes; peer coaching; access to counselling and testing; healthy living and nutritional advice; and free anti-retroviral drugs. Uganda, for example, held an Aids awareness week in December which included blood donation, health education and peer educator training, and access to counselling and testing on site.

Read more about our wellbeing approach and policies in the UK.

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