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Governance and ethics

People want to trust the company behind the brands that they love. Earning and keeping that trust requires vigilance, and is essential for our long-term commercial success. Behind a business that acts with integrity are employees doing the right thing. Our reputation can only be sustained if every one of us is doing the right thing, every day, everywhere.

Our approach and performance

To help our employees make the right decisions at work, we have a sound corporate governance structure (see our 2013 Annual Report) and a robust compliance and ethics programme with our Code of Business Conduct at its centre.

However, doing business with integrity goes beyond having a good corporate governance framework and compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations. It is about creating a culture that demands integrity. This year, we have been working harder than ever to engage our employees, with training for more of our managers, as well as our new joiners, so that a culture of integrity resonates across the business.

This year, the number of potential breaches raised to us by employees increased by 24% (around a third of which were reported via our confidential whistleblower hotline, SpeakUp, which is available to all employees and our business partners). We see this increase as an indication that our people feel more confident in sharing their concerns; in our annual Values Survey, 84% of employees reported that they felt comfortable speaking up. However, we have also seen a slight decrease in the number of breaches subsequently confirmed, and we view this as evidence of our programme’s effectiveness.

We are continually adapting and assessing what we are doing. We are choosing to be more transparent about our approach and our performance, because we want Diageo to be one of the world’s most trusted and respected companies.

Progress against governance and ethics targets

How we're performing against our targets