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How we manage sustainability and responsibility

We manage sustainability and responsibility in the same way that we manage all our business operations, at global and local levels. At the highest level, sustainability and responsibility is overseen by the corporate citizenship committee, chaired by the chief executive.

Governance structure

The corporate citizenship committee is responsible for making decisions or, where appropriate, recommendations to the board or executive committee, concerning policies, issues, measurement and reporting for the following impacts across our value chain: alcohol in society; water; broader environmental sustainability; socio-economic development; our people; and governance and ethics.

The committee reports progress at least once a year to the board; this year the board approved Diageo’s refreshed strategic priorities at its annual strategy conference.

Two executive working groups (one on alcohol in society, chaired by the corporate relations director, and one on environmental performance, chaired by the president of global supply and procurement) assist the committee with decisions on specific issues. Beyond this global management, the regions and local markets manage those sustainability and responsibility areas most material for them given their specific operational footprint.

The work managed by these governance bodies is reported publicly through this Sustainability & Responsibility Report, certain aspects of which are assured externally. As well as publishing this report online, we also publish our social, ethical and environmental policies.

Policies and standards

We have global codes, policies and standards covering various aspects of sustainability and responsibility. A note on definitions:

  • Global policies cover the principles to which we are committed when doing business; they are relevant to most employees
  • Global standards are more procedural and apply to specialist activities; they apply to individuals only in certain specific roles.

Both policies and standards stem from our Code of Business Conduct, which defines how everyone at Diageo is expected to do business. In the table below you will find those policies that are particularly relevant to how we manage our sustainability and responsibility programmes. Please note, however, that these do not represent the full spectrum of our policies and standards.

Code, policies and standards
Title Sustainability and responsibility programme
Code Code of Business Conduct All
Policy Anti‑Corruption Governance and ethics
Policy Anti Money Laundering Governance and ethics
Policy Competition & Antitrust Governance and ethics
Policy Employee Alcohol Alcohol in society
Policy Environment Water and the environment
Policy Human Rights and Anti‑Discrimination Our people
Policy Marketing

Alcohol in society

Value chain (customers and consumers)

Policy Occupational Health & Safety Our people
Policy Quality Value chain (customers and consumers)
Policy Tax Governance and ethics
Standard Charitable contributions Socio-economic development
Standard Partnering with Suppliers Value chain (our supply chain)

For more about our policies and standards, go to

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