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Our value chain – customers and consumers (food safety and quality)

Here we detail the basis of calculation for:

  • Setting baseline data and targets
  • Packaging defects (ppm)
  • Total concerns (complaints)

Setting baseline data and targets

Baselines for each metric are always based on the final actual performance in the previous year. Improvement targets are set based on the trajectory required to hit our medium-term strategic goals (2015). Some adjustment may be made to the targets for each business depending on their actual level of performance and strategic priorities.

Packaging defects (ppm)

Packaging defects data is based on a 0.1% sampling for wines and spirits and a 0.025% for beers. Individual packs are inspected against a Global Finished Product Standard. The number of defects is recorded and reported monthly against the sample size for the production run. Figures are aggregated globally and are weighted based on volume of production.

Total concerns (complaints)

All complaints are recorded (validated or not) through consumer care lines and in‑market companies. The concern rate is calculated based on the volume produced at the site in the same period as the complaint was received. Figures are aggregated globally, are weighted based on volume of production, and are expressed as number of complaints per units sold, with a unit being one case of nine one‑litre bottles.